About Us

Go To Girl Solutions is a one-stop Concierge Service / Personal Assistant Service for individual people and small businesses.

We provide concierge services for busy professionals wanting more personal time and fewer errands taking up valuable time.

What is a Concierge Service?

It’s basically handing your TO DO list over
to the Go-To-Girl to Get It Done!!

We assist with all those various things that just need to get done,
including cleaning, senior care, and general to-do’s. Whether you are an individual or a business.

Personal concierge services deliver

the invaluable gift of time.

We also provide varying frequency of service:  daily, weekly, monthly, or occasional assistance

We make your to-do’s disappear so you can make the impossible possible.

Visit our Concierge Services page for more details on the kinds of things we do!

The Founder

Go To Girl Solutions was founded by Kimberly Simon-Kiczula in Lethbridge, Alberta.  With a background in health care, Kimberly is well-acquainted with the busy-ness of professional life.

Kimberly’s sincere desire is to help people reduce stress, and free up their time for other more productive or enjoyable activities.

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Watch for Kimberly and her team

out and about around Lethbridge in the sporty G2G Ford Edge!